Lost / Found

SMS Lost & Found using digital technology, to replace the old method of handwritten lost and found book and the urgent needs to have a standardized, centralized and efficient way dealing with lost property.

As you are aware that lost property are valuable to its owner and must be dealt with extreme care, most of you currently using a book to document lost property, with no memory, and if the book lost or damaged you have no back up records of any of the properties in your possession. With SMS lost & found accountability and security no longer a grey area.

When someone claims its property must go through a random security question before release of their property, to ensure the correct person claim is lawfully.

  Desktop application with web accessibility
  State of the art design & functionality
  Comprehensive detailed documentation of a lost item
  Counts for each item found
  Generate random questions for verification before the release of the lost items
  Mandatory identification requirement to complete the process of handover
  User Friendly
  Environment Friendly
  Residential & Commercial properties

System Requirements

  • 64-bit Windows 7+
  • Intel® Core™ i7 - 6900K 6th Generation
  • 16 - 32GB RAM
  • Min 1TB HDD
  • Permanent internet connection advisable (However SMS requires internet connection atleast once every 30 days for license validation)

The person claiming their lost item must sign before the release of the claimed item.

  • Topaz T-S460-HSB-R

For a quick authentication and to avoid manual typing error, it is recommended to use any of the hardware listed.

  • HID OMNIKEY 3121
  • Sagem MorphoSmart 1350

For a quick authentication and to avoid manual typing error, it is recommended to use the hardware listed.

  • 3M

It is a mandatory requirement to scan any  lost item for the record  and authentication verification. 

  • Any Brand

You may want to request an image of the lost time or an image of the claimant of the item.

  • Any Brand

It is not mandatory requirement. It can only be used for the operators to log in biometrically instead of manually using user name and password.

  • ZKTeco ZK4500

Lost / Found application effectively manages lost items. It accurately managers lost possessions and the return of such possessions to the original owner. Upon discovery of a lost possession, the application allows for detailed information to be gathered for future collection.
It has sophisticated verification features, which ensures all recovered items are returned to the correct party. Its advanced search function gives a better search experience. Photos and digital signature features allow for even more accurate item retrieval. So, Lost & Found is a powerful application and integral part of Security Management Solution (SMS).