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The Founder And CEO SMS by KeyTech

Throughout past decades, the security industry has struggled in dealing with a number of security management issues. These issues include poor security networking, primitive screening processes, and inefficient data retrieval. The industry has suffered from disorganization through cluttered paper documents and lack of established protocols. Furthermore, the world itself has witnessed an undeniable increase in security threats and breaches on government entities and organizations. So, there was a crucial need for a comprehensive security management system.

In response to the global security threats and security management difficulties, SMS by KeyTech Ltd undertook a path of extensive research and development to build an integrated and profound Smart Multi-Purpose Solutions. Through the combination of existing problems, innovative concepts and advanced technology, KeyTech created 'Smart Multi-Purpose Solutions' (SMS). Remarkably unique while functioning in a sophisticated and intelligent manner, the solution features numerous highly capable applications and distinctive report features that work together to unify security procedures.

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